Rules & Regulations 

Our cabins, RV sites, & facilities are for vacationers, travelers, holiday & weekend getaways,"winter texans'" - people wanting to relax, enjoy nature, fishing, boating, camping, etc.  We strive to provide all guests with a safe, quiet and enjoyable environment to call home, or home away from home.  Guests booking with us direct are agreeing to these rules and will need to sign same upon arrival.  If you book through one of the other websites, they handle the rules agreement there.

- QUIET TIME is 10:00 pm to 7:00 am daily, but NO excessive noise anytime.  Loud noise, onerous, noxious or offensive activity of any sort that interrupts or adversely affects the enjoyment of other guests is not allowed. Guests are responsible and liable for the behavior and conduct of all family members and your guests. Disorderly conduct is strictly prohibited.
 - CHILDREN / CURFEW: Young children must be supervised by an adult or responsible individual at all times. Parents are responsible for their children's, and guest's conduct and any injuries or damage that they may incur or cause.
 - DRIVING SPEED: Speed limit on all roads within the park is 5 miles per hour.
 - PARKING: Limit of 2 cars per paying guest. Park in the area designated at your site, not other sites. 2nd vehicle may need to park in common area near main house/office.
- SMOKING: Not allowed in cabins, but is ok outside & on covered porches.  We check for smoking odors after each stay.  You will be charged $100 fine if smoke odors are noticed in cabin after your departure.  Porches are nice and covered, outdoors are nice, smoke outside if needed.  Thank you for understanding!
 - SEPTIC SYSTEM: all sewers tie in to a septic system designed to protect the lake.  As such no trash, material, household cleaners, chemicals, plastic, paper towels, feminine products, etc, shall enter sinks, toilets, or sewer / septic system, or guest may be charged cost of repair.
 - TRASH DISPOSAL: Bag your trash & dispose in outside containers.  Close lids.  Only household trash and garbage may be disposed of in the dumpster.  Large items such as furniture, fixtures &/or construction materials are not allowed . 
 - PIER: Share the pier(s). No running, jumping, diving.  You may tie up boats to the sides of the pier or in the slips (w/ proper fender protection), but not the end of the pier where people fish & sit to enjoy views,
 - PETS: Pets must be pre-approved for cabin stays - only small, trained, non-aggerssive, well behaved pets.    We flea fog after departure to protect next guests & thus there is $50 pet fee per cabin that pet goes in per stay, and adherance to checkin-checkout is needed to allow time for this..  A $100 fine will be imposed if unapproved pets are found in cabin.  This is to keep place nice for subsequet guests.  Owners must keep pets on leash outside of cabins, and pick up after your pet / dispose of doo doos in outside trash bins.

For RVs & any longer term guests:

No large dogs, pit bulls, or agressive pets. All dogs must be on leash outside.  Talk with management about your pet if it is over 20 pounds. 
 - APPLICATION: Longer term prospective guests are required to fill-out and return a completed application with references, prior landlords, and pay $25 fee for criminal, and background check. The results of the background check are considered on a case-by-case basis.
 - RATES:  See rate pricing tab.
 - SECURITY DEPOSIT: For longer term RV guest, and Cabin guests, except airbnb guests, a $150 security deposit is required.  Again for long term guests, electric utility deposit is required.  And for any RV guest who may not have compatible tv or internet adapters, boxes, modems, and need one from us, a $75 deposit is required until those units are returned in good and like same condition as originally provided to you. 
 - The deposits will be returned upon move-out if: (1) reasonable notice is given prior to move-out (longer term guests). (2) your site has been kept clean and is clean of all personal property and trash. (3) rent, electricity, and fees are paid up & current upon move-out. (4) you have not been asked to vacate due to non-payment of rent/electricity reimbursement or an infraction of park rules. (5) Adapter boxes borrowed are returned in similar good working condition as when loaned out.
 - DUE DATE: Unless special arrangements are made with management, rent, electrical reimbursement and any outstanding fees are due by the 1st day of each month.  Invoices are delivered prior to the first of each month and will state your electrical usage/cost and current rental rate.
 - LATE PAYMENT FEES: If payment is made after the 3rd day of the month, a late fee of $25 shall be added; and, an additional fee of $7 per day for each day thereafter until the balance of rent, reimbursements and fees are brought current.
 - UTILITY SERVICE CUT-OFF: If all rent payments, reimbursements and fees are not paid by the 7th day of the month, your electricity and water services will be shut off.
 - EVICTION: Unless special arrangements are made with management, if your rent payment, reimbursements and fees are not paid by the 7th day of the month, you will be asked to vacate the premises, immediately, and your deposit will be forfeited. Likewise eviction may result if there is a violation of the park rules, and anyone forced to be removed or in violation shall be liable for any such related court or legal fees.
 - RV SITES: No more than 3 people & 2 vehicles per site. Your site must be kept clean, uncluttered, and litter free. Outside trash containers are not allowed. No on-site storage containers, decks or permanent awnings are allowed w/o pre-approval. Outdoor furniture and/or grill are allowed. If your site becomes overly crowded with personal items or junk, the managment reserves the right to ask you to dispose of it or move out. The exterior of your RV must be kept clean, and the RV must be in good condition (road worthy). Managment reserves the right to determine if the RV is acceptable as to age and condition.
 - All hoses are to be properly connected with NO leaks. Sewer hoses must be kept off the ground (as not to interfere with grass cutting & weed eating - placing within gutter material is a good idea). The management will not be held responsible for damage to hoses or cables on the ground. 
 - ELECTRICITY:  Each site is individually metered.  Short term guests have utilities already built into the rental rate but please conserve electricity and water.  Longer term monthly guests do not have electricity in their rental rate and the tenant is responsible for electrical usage at the then current Sam Houston Coop electrical rates.  Meters are read close to the end of the month, and ratio’ed from the Sam Houston meter, and the amount is added to the guests monthly site rental rate.
 - Political events, parties, group get togethers, weddings,  etc, can be considered on case by case basis but requires additional discussion, commitments, and may require extra rules, deposits, and/or may not be allowed if potential to disturb other guest, must be worked longer in advance.  Additionally, no political signs, flags, banners, posters, etc, are allowed on property other than single reasonably sized American flag per site.
 - CONTACT: You may contact us at 832-229-1404 or 281-740-2902
 - You may also email us at [email protected].
 - In the event resident changes his/her personal, emergency contact, or work phone number, the new number will be provided immediately to the park management.
 - THE B&R Lakeside Cabins & RVs will not be responsible for any Acts of Nature including falling of trees or limbs.
 - The managment has the right to evict any guest who does not conform to the policies and guidelines set forth in this agreement.

* prospective guests will be required to initial date and sign a copy of these rules stating that they agree to comply with & adhere to all of the rules, policies, and guidelines stated above